China's first commercial 100G silicon optical chip put into production


Recently, China Information and Communication Technology Group announced that China's first commercial "100G silicon optical transceiver chip" was officially put into production. The chip supports high-speed optical signal transmission of 100-200Gb/s. It not only has a "small size", but also has higher performance, lower cost and can be generalized. It is widely used in transmission networks and data center optical transmission equipment.


It is reported that the silicon optical chip is jointly developed by the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, Guangxun Technology Corporation, the State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network, and China Information and Communication Technology Group.


It integrates nearly 60 active and passive optical components including optical transmission, modulation and reception on a silicon chip of less than 30 square millimeters. It is one of the most integrated commercial silicon photonic integrated chips in the world. After the chip is packaged, its silicon optical device is only 312 square millimeters in size and is one-third the area of conventional devices.


The mass production of the 100G/200G fully integrated silicon-based coherent optical transceiver integrated chip and device has been tested by the user's live network, and the performance is stable and reliable.


Academician Yu Shaohua, director of the Expert Committee of the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, said that silicon materials are rich in source, low in cost, and have excellent mechanical properties and high temperature resistance, which facilitate chip processing and packaging. The manufacture of silicon optical chips by means of CMOS technology platforms that have been commercialized on a large scale by integrated circuits can effectively solve the problem of weak manufacturing capability and insufficient process capability of high-end optoelectronic chips in China.


On July 20th, Wuhan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (Fenghua Department) and Institute of Telecommunications Science (Datang Department) jointly reorganized and established China Xinke Group, plans to invest 60 billion yuan in the next five years to develop 5G mobile communication, integrated circuits and networks. 9 industry directions including information security, optical communications, optical and optical devices, special communications, data communications, cloud computing, Internet of Things and smart city solutions.


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology led the establishment of the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center to promote the cooperation of four units to realize the commercialization of 100G silicon optical chips, indicating that China has the conditions and basis for the commercial design of silicon light products.


In the next few years, silicon light technology is expected to be deployed and applied on a large scale in optical communication systems, driving China's independent silicon optical chip technology to ultra-high speed, large capacity, ultra long distance, high integration, high performance, low power consumption and high reliability. The direction of development.


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